Beyond Striker Tots

Junior Clubs

Striker Tots has linked up with various junior football clubs in the areas where our sessions are held.

Our coaching sessions give the kids a great head start so that when they are old enough to join a junior team they have already developed the basic skills, understand the terminology and have already started to develop into young footballers. We currently have a couple of ex-striker tots who are are training with the Leeds United and Manchester City Academies under 6 / under 7 age group.

This generates benefits for the Striker Tots kids who enter clubs with a great grounding in football which many other kids don't have at this stage. The clubs & teams who inherit kids who are often much more advanced than most new starters to their club, also benefit as they don't need to start from scratch with the Striker Tots and those kids who haven't been to us can learn from them. This helps the whole team develop.

Holiday Soccer Schools

We work along with our junior clubs in providing holiday soccer schools. These are open to kids from all clubs and are usually well attended. These courses are open to all those in year 1 to year 6. Clubs reap the benefits of players developing their football skills on our 3-5 full day courses being coached by an ex-professional footballer.

Once our Striker Tots members are old enough to move on to a club, they can still be involved with us through attending our holiday soccer schools. It's great to see them back with us and see how far they have come since they started with us, often several years earlier.


Tingley Athletic

Churwell Lions